Monday, 10 February 2014

Nature Connection Activity:  Knit For Peace: 
 I Heart Nature Tree Charms

The Spark:  

The more time children spend in nature, the more connected they become with their surroundings.  Compassion grows and actions of love and caring for the environment and the creatures that inhabit it become visible.  Each new day brings new observations and discoveries.  As the seasons slowly change and a new cycle of reawakening begins, let's launch a new challenge of love in order to see thoughts and ideas turn into actions of love and compassion for nature.  We all need a little more nature in our lives.  

Doing and making are acts of hope.  As hope grows, we begin to see that individuals can affect change.  Let us craft peace, understanding, and love through non-violent, compassionate action.  Be the change you want to see in the world. 


To plant a seed and see it grow.
To breath the forest air every day because trees make it clean for me to breath.
To plant an apple tree, my favourite snack, and I will share the apples.
To not step on bugs and especially not ants.
To put spiders out of my house in a cup and not to kill them with my shoe.
To see if birds need more seeds outside in their feeder.
To not wreak a spider's web because that is it's house and he will have to make a new one if it comes down.  

Take Action: 

1.  Make a heart-shaped tree charm:
Crochet this easy tree charm in the shape of a heart and embellish it with a found nature object.

Tree charm

My tutorial for how to make a heart-shaped tree charm

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