Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Frozen Ice Castles

The Spark:
Because we are exploring winter habitats we decided to delve into the amazing world of ice. 

Follow that Hunch:
Do forest animals live in ice castles?
What are our pond friends doing under water?
Can we create a habitat (ice castle) made of ice?
Who would live there?
How could they survive?
What would be inside their house?
How is ice made?
When will it melt?
How do the pieces of the house stick together?
I have a hunch that it will all fall down.
I have a hunch that whoever lives inside this ice castle will freeze.
I have a hunch that our ice castle will last for months, all through the winter.

Take Action:

1.  What you will need:

Materials List:
ice cubes
a container of water
a spray bottle (not shown here)
a rasp
a scrapper
sheering tools

2. Wet the ice cubes: 
After you have gathered all of your materials, begin by dipping the ice cubes into the water.  Alternatively, you can use a spray bottle to spray the ice cubes.

3.  Begin stacking:
This activity works best on very cold days.  The wet ice cubes freeze up very quickly, almost on contact.  Stack your ice cubes by gently pressing down as you stack them.

 4.   Imagine, design, tinker, create:
Imagine how your ice habitat (ice castle) will look.  Who will live there?  What will they be doing inside?  How long will they need to live there and what will they need in order to survive?

5.  Tools:
Use your rasp and sheering tools to shape and form your blocks of ice into what ever shape you need.


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