Friday, 13 December 2013

Along Came a Spider...

The Spark:  Have you ever observed a spider spinning it's web?  We did and we were fascinated by it.  The funniest part of it was that the spider and it's entire web was gone the next day!  It seemed to have disappeared into thin air.  We asked every person we could find if they had taken a broom to it and wiped it out of existence.  Seemingly, nobody touched it.  So, where had the spider and it's web gone?  Two days later, strung across a doorway we found our spider had spun a gigantic spider web.  It was so big we almost got caught in it!

Where had our spider gone?
Why did he leave?
Where was his web?
Did someone or something scare him off?
Was he alive?

A Bunch of Hunches:
The spider did not catch anything in it's web so it left.
The spider heard a scary noise so it got scared and left.
No flies flew by.
Someone caught it's web with a mop and swept it away.
The spider got tired of hanging around.
His house broke and he fell.
A wind storm came so he ran away.

Start Your Quest:
Why: To test our hunches to see if we were right.
How: To build a spider habitat in a twig frame in order to observe a spider spinning his web and to see how long he lives there.  A spider spins his web with a thread, we knit with yarn.  How does it feel to knit yarns together?
Where:  In a nearby patch of nature or just in you own backyard.
When:  As soon as you can get yourself organized.
Who:  You, your family and friends.
How:  Find out below.

Take Action:

 1.  To to make a twig frame habitat for a spider:

2.  Poke your twig frame into the ground:
See if you can observe a spider spinning it's web in this habitat.  How long does he stay there?  Can you find him elsewhere in the forest?

3.  Make your knitting needles:

 4.  Begin Knitting:

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