Monday, 10 June 2013

The Great Bike Adventure in Your Neighbourhood and Beyond!

The Spark:
June is bike month and biking offers us a different and exhilarating way to experience nature in and around our neighbourhood.  But don't stop at your neighbourhood!  You can bring your bike almost anywhere you go.  Although, it is true that you can't stop and smell the roses when you are riding your bike unless you actually stop, and smell the roses.  A ride on your bike is exciting, speedy, challenging at times, and could take you further than you would go just by walking.  At the end of this quest we will post a game called DEER VISION.  It can be played while your are riding your bike.  It's lots of fun, so check it out!

Are you interested in starting a new bike riding adventure in your neighbourhood and beyond?  Calling all Super Natural Superheroes to ACTIVATE!  Get your bike tuned up, put on your bike riding helmet and safety gear and lets get started on a great neighbourhood biking adventure and beyond!  As with every quest, you should always start your quest by asking yourself WHY.  If you are interested in your answer then you may begin your quest.

Start Your Quest:
Why: June is bike month. Go on a new kind of exciting, exhilarating, and fast paced quest to find out more about the nearby nature patches in your neighbourhood and beyond.
What:  Map out your neighbourhood, get on your bike and ride, chart your quests, create a mini me of yourself, play a game called DEER VISION.
Where:  In your neighbourhood and beyond.
When:  As soon as you can get yourself organized.
Who: You, your family, and friends.
How:  Find out below.  It's a S.N.CH., or is it?

Take Action:

1.  Map-out your neighbourhood:
Draw a map of your neighbourhood.  Locate nearby patches of nature such as ponds, echo patches, parks, woodlots, and trails.  Use colourful thumb tacks to pin each new bike adventure in your neighbourhood.  See how many you can complete.

2.  Ride your bike:
Tune-up your bike, get on your safety gear, and ride...

3.  Calculate time, distance, and geolocation:
Use a stop watch as you ride to find out how long it takes to ride through all of the nature areas in your neighbourhood, how long it takes to ride from one to the other, and geolocate the location of each nature patch.

4.  Create a MINI-ME:
Your mini-me will be, well, a mini-you (with embellishments, of course!)  Use the mini-me to map out your bike adventure destination location on the drawn out map.

5.  Play a game:
Deer Vision is an exciting game that you can play while you are riding your bike.  Imagine any fast animal, for example, a deer.  As you ride your bike imagine how it would feel to be running as fast as a deer.  What do you notice in nature around you?  How does the air feel at this speed?  Can you sense if someone is behind you without turning your head?  What can you see and hear?

6.  Geocaching:
If you find your geolocation, you can stash a geocache of your own using the geocaching website.  You need to register to play so ask an adult to help you.  Each nearby patch of nature can have a different cache hidden there and you can inspire others to explore the nearby nature patches in your area by searching for your caches or possibly even hiding some of their own.

Don't Stop Here:
Keep on researching and finding out more about how you can use your bike to go on some amazing and new nearby nature adventures in your neighbourhood and beyond.  As you complete your quests, if you have a hunch about something don't forget to drop us an email and we'll give your hunch a whirl and get right back to you.

Quest Check:
We are very interested in keeping you interested on your quest to find out more, play, learn, and protect nature.  Keep checking back with us on regular basis to see if your interests match our quests.

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