Monday, 13 May 2013

Oh, Those Bloomin' Wild Flowers!

The Spark:
I was walking along in my local echo patch, which surrounds a storm water reserve, when I noticed that the wild flowers were blooming all around me.  You may not think that flowers are so exciting but wait until you get out there and look beneath your feet.  Watch your step, those bloomin' flowers are everywhere!  This wildflower quest will be exciting for all.  There's a little exploration, a little artistry, some poetry, and some botany.  

Those bloomin' wildflowers are everywhere!  Are you interested in becoming a wildflower detective, a photographer, a botanist, an artist, and a poet?  Calling all Super Natural Superheroes to ACTIVATE!  Let's take a hike outdoors to explore flowers.  

Start Your Quest:
Why:  To experience the changes in nature throughout the cycle of the seasons.
What:  To look for, identify, photography, respect, paint, and express yourself poetically, through the lovely blooming wildflowers.
Where:  In your local patch of nature.
Who: You, your family, and friends.
When:  As soon as you can get yourself organized.
How: Find out below.  It's a S.N.CH., or is it!

Take Action:

1.  The Detective:
Look for blooming wildflowers.  The more you find, the better!  

2.  The Botanist:
Check your wildflower reference book to see if you can identify each flower.  As you identify each flower, dog ear that page for later reference.  

3.  Local Pollinators:
While you are look for flowers, see if you can spot a bee, fly, moth, butterfly, humming bird, ladybug, bat......  Who is the pollinator for your flower.  You may want to do some further detective work to see how that flower disperses it's pollen.

4.  The Photographer:  
Frame your shot!  Take an amazing "portrait" of your wildflower.  Make sure the flower is visible as well as the leaves.  When you create a photo book, make sure you label each photograph with the name of the flower for identification.  *See images below.

5.  Be Nature Friendly:
Practice being a good stewart to the Earth.  Reduce your flower picking foot print.  Do not pick every flower you come across.  Try enjoy nature without pulling plants up by the roots or collecting every wildflower in sight.  Use your camera or bring a sketch book and watercolours out on the hike with you.   

6.  The Artist:
Take a sketch pad, pencil, eraser, and water colour set outdoors with you.  Find your favourite wildflower and create an original work of art.  Hang your watercolour in your home.

7.  The Poet:  
Choose a word, for example, WILDFLOWER.  Find a long piece of paper and write the word vertically from top to bottom on your paper.  Take each letter and write something about wildflowers that comes to your mind.  When you finish, read all the words in succession. Presto!  You have just written a poem.  

8.  The Gardener:
When your parents go to the local plant nursery, go with them.  Look around at all of the flowers and choose one to plant in your backyard.  Before you go, do a little research and try to attract a local pollinator to your backyard.  Find flowers that attract butterflies or hummingbirds, for example.  You may want to ask the nursery staff for help!  


Yellow Violet

woodland Horsetail

Meadow Rue

Canadian Mayflower

Jack in the Pulpit

Trout Lily Flower

Canadian Violet

Bloodroot (just leaves)

Don't Stop Here:
Keep on researching and finding out more about wildflowers in your area.  Who knows, they may turn out to be one of your great passions in life.  And to think, it may have all started right here on this quest.  If you have a hunch about something just drop us an email and we'll do our very best to give your hunch a whirl and get right back to you.

Quest Check:
We are very interested in keeping you interested in find out more and playing in nature.  Keep checking back with us on regular basis to see if your interests match our quests.

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