Monday, 22 April 2013

Celebrate the Earth on Earth Day and Beyond:  Get the List!

The Spark:
It's no surprise that Earth Day lands on April 22nd because what happens in spring is nothing short of magical.    The Earth comes alive again.  It is reborn!  Nature finds a way of come out of the deep freeze of winter with shining colours and it is our turn to celebrate the Earth on Earth Day and beyond.  For this quest you do not have to plan ahead, book a bus, car, airplane, or train, buy tickets, make a fancy reservation, or pack you bags.  All you will need to do is find a nearby patch of nature, a local park, or a woodlot and walk over there.  The only requirements are that it contain air, flora, fauna, land, and water.  The rest is up to you!  We will give you an explorer's list.  As you follow it, see what interests you and keep on researching interesting facts about it.  See how much information you can gather about the one thing that sparked an interest in you from our list.  Good luck and, above all, have fun!  Before you begin this quest yell this out at the top of your lungs:  FROM EARTH DAY AND BEYOND!!!!!! 

NB*  We recommend you extend your Earth Day celebrations throughout the month of April and beyond.

Calling all Super Natural Superheroes to ACTIVATE!  Are you interested in celebrating mother Earth on Earth Day and beyond!  Find out how mother nature comes back to life on this quest by finding clues and following what interests you as you explore and celebrate the Earth.  Start your quest by asking the question WHY?

Start Your Quest:
Why:  To celebrate Earth Day and beyond.
What:  Look for clues of how nature is coming back to life.
Where:  In a nearby patch of nature that contains, air, water, land, flora, and fauna.
When:  Earth Day and beyond!
Who:  You, your family, and friends.
How:  Find out below.  It's a S.N.CH., or is it?

Take Action:

1.  Here is the Celebrate Earth Day and Beyond Explorers List:
Get ready to explore nature on this quest by dressing in splash gear.  That means goulashes, and splash pants.  It can get really wet and muddy out there at this time of year so start your quest off right.  Don't forget to be safe and always complete quests with adult supervision.

2.  Here are a few samples from our photo excursion.  See how many examples you can find on the Earth Day Explorers List:
Collect your own photos and scrap book them.  Keep them as references, reminders, or create your own photo book.  EARTH DAY EXPLORERS, GET READY!

Don't Stop Here:
Keep on researching and exploring your nearby patch of nature to see what changes occur throughout the seasons.  Who knows, it may turn out to be one of your great passions in life.  If you have a hunch about something just drop us an email and we'll give your hunch a whirl and get back to you.

Quest Check:
We are very interested in keeping you interested on your quest to find out and explore nature.  Keep checking back with us on a regular basis to see if your interests match our quests.

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