Monday, 25 February 2013

Today I Went For a Walk in Nature...

The Spark:
Visiting and spending time in nearby nature should become a daily habit.  You don't need to travel to far away places, plan for months in advance, or make elaborate plans to enjoy the beauty of nature.  You don't need to take art supplies, or equipment, or anything, really.  All you really need is yourself, a sense of adventure, and the only expectation that you should have is that you know you will figure things out when you get there.  I know, it's kind of weird when you're used to planning and scheduling and making sure everyone involved will be sure to have a great time.  Well, you won't believe what I saw today.  This exciting quest is about connecting to nature simply by showing up.  It's like a POP-UP QUEST that doesn't quit exist yet...yet!

Calling all Super Natural Superheroes to ACTIVATE!  This quest is a pop-up nature quest and you are the spark.  You can start this quest if you are interested in opening up to nature, tuning your senses to it, and letting something spark your interest while you are there.  Then, it's time to explore and share.  Your "sharing" method may be writing about you nature adventure, it may be talking about it, it may take the form of a photograph, or artwork, or a video, or scrapbooking.  You will choose!  Start your quest with the question WHY?

Start Your Quest:
Why:  To make a connection to nature in your own way.  To find out what you are interested in.
What:  Show up in nature on a daily basis and see what pops-up!  If you have a hunch about something, research what you've found.  Share.  Photograph it, write about it, talk about it, draw it, make a movie about it......  you decide.  Log your findings in a daily journal.  As you add more and more pages to you journal, you will find that you are becoming connected to some aspects of nature.  As time goes by you will see that you are telling a story about your adventures in nature.  Share it with family and friends.  Begin telling your story about your own life.
Where:  In a nearby patch of nature
Who: You, your family, and friends
When:  As soon as you can get yourself organized
How:  Find out below.  It's a S.N.CH., or is it?

Take Action:

Place your story book, nature journal, spark journal, your life story book, or whatever you would like to call it on a table with a loose stack of paper beside it.  These are "working" sheets and feel free to make mistakes or to simply not include something that you do not want to add in.  The loose sheet frees you to have ideas and form them if you want to.  

This is the nearby patch of nature that I hiked in this afternoon.  As I was walking along I heard a cracking and snapping noise coming from above.

I had only my camera in hand. I stopped and looked up. I believe that it is in the moments when only you notice something and nobody else does that you experience a magical moment that is a special encounter and it becomes the thing that sparks your interest.  You feel compelled and excited to share it in some way.  Can you spot what I saw and heard from above?

Don't Stop Here:
This is just the beginning of your pop-up nature quest.  Keep on researching and finding out more about crows in winter or whatever interested you on your nature walk.  I will be keeping you posted on my pop-up nature quest as well.  If you have a hunch about something just drop us an email and we'll give it a whirl and get back to you. 

Quest Check:
Keep on checking back with us on a regular basis to see if your interests match our quests.

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