Thursday, 21 February 2013

The Secret Forest

The Spark:
Shhh!  Someone's hiding in the secret forest.  It's time to get out your magnifying glass, clippers, and collection bag and find who is hiding in the forest.  Snow is all around us and it seems as if all that is left are a few animals, some bare trees and plants.  It's almost hard to believe but the forest is still full of secret inhabitants.  Let's get ready to find some....

Are you interested in getting out in the snow to find the secret inhabitants that survive the winter in undercover nooks and crannies?  Calling all Super Natural Superheroes to ACTIVATE!  Start your quest to go on a detective hunt through a nearby patch of nature to see if you can uncover the mystery of the secret forest.  Start your quest with the question WHY?

Start Your Quest:
Why:  To find out who is lurking in the secret forest.
What:  Become a nature detective and scientist.  Go on a detective hike in nature, collect specimens, bring them to your laboratory, uncover the truth about who is hiding in the secret forest.
Where: In a nearby patch of nature or just in your backyard
When:  As soon as you can get yourself organized
Who:  You, your family, and friends
How:  Find out below.  It's a S.N.CH., or is it?

Take Action:

Get ready for your quest:  
Before you go out, you will need some clippers, a specimen bag to hold whatever you collect, and dress warmly so that you can stay out a little longer in order to collect more evidence to crack the case of the secret forest.  

What specimens to look for and collect:
As in the picture above, look for golden rods or any plants that may contain hidden specimens.  Use your clippers to clip the plant and place all specimens inside the collection bag.  Proceed back inside to the laboratory.

In the Laboratory:  
You will need some scissors, an exacto knife, a microscope, and a camera and sketch book to document your findings.  Take all of your specimens and snip or cut them open (be very careful not to cut too deep, just around the edge to open them.)  Take a look inside.  Place the specimen under the microscope to see if you have found something.

Don't Stop Here:
Keep on researching and finding out more about who is hiding in the secret forest during the winter months.  Who knows, it may turn out to be one of your great passions in life.  And to think, you started it right here, on this quest.  If you have a hunch about something just drop us an email and we'll give your hunch a whirl and get back to you.

Quest Check:
We are very interested in keeping you interested on your quest to learn more about nature.  Keep checking back with us on a regular basis to see if your interests match our quests.

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