Thursday, 1 November 2012

Go On a Moon Walk

The Spark:
The full moon phases in autumn are shrouded in mystery and magic.  The harvest moon in September, the hunter moon in October, and the beaver moon in November all mark times when people prepare their homes through harvesting food, hunting for meat, and preserving for the first frost of winter.  

There are many theories about the origins of the moon.  It is thought that it began when a proto-planet the sized of mars crashed into the earth shortly after it was formed.  Material from the smash revolved around the earth until it gradually condensed to form the moon.  The moon is quite close to the earth and its gravity pulls the water in the oceans toward it, causing the tides.  The moon is the only body in the solar system, except the earth, on which people have walked!

The moon takes the same amount of time to spin on its axis as it does to orbit the earth.  This means that the same side (the near side) always faces the earth, while the other side (the far side) remains hidden.  However, the near side of the moon is not always completely visible from the earth, and the moon seems to change shape.  How much we can see depends on how much of the surface is lit by the sun.  

The Phases of The Moon + Poem

Do you ever remember sitting in a car on a long ride home from vacation, and starring out the window at the moon.  Have you ever asked yourself the question, why is the moon following me?  The location you came from is become a far distant memory but moon has stayed with you the entire ride.  That is because the distance of the moon from your car is so far away that the angle at which we view it changes very little as our car moves along the road.  No matter how fast our car is moving, the moon remains relatively in the same position.  We cannot seem to shake off the moon but we are whizzing by closer objects like trees, houses and other cars. 

Super Natural Child: Superheroes ACTIVATE!  Are you interested in the moon.  Then start your quest to find out more.  Your quest begins with the question WHY?

Start Your Quest:
Why:  To get outdoors and test our question:  Why does the moon seem to be following me everywhere I go?
What:  Go on a moon walk
Who:  You, your family, and friends
Where: In your neighbourhood
How:  Put on your sneakers, grab a flashlight and watch the video below to learn how to moon walk before heading out.  It's a S.N.CH!  Or is it...

Take Action:

Inspirational Moon Quote

Start Your Moon Walk

How to Moon Walk

Don't Stop Here:  
Don't stop here!  Keep the learning going and keep on researching the moon.  Who knows, it may turn out to be one of your passions in life.  Don't forget, if you have a hunch about something, drop us an email.  We'll do our best to give it a whirl and get back to you.

Quest Check:  
Keep checking back with us on a regular basis to see if your interests match our quests.

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