Friday, 26 October 2012

Take A Walk On The Wild Side

The Spark:
It's autumn!  It's cold, rainy, windy, and downright chilly.  With this change in season comes a change in what clothes we choose to wear.  So, pack up your summer wear and get ready for a whole new look.  In today's world, it can be true that nothing says more about you than what you wear.  Let's face it, kids can be unmerciful to peers who don't keep up appearances.  On the other hand, no parent wants to be responsible for ruining a child's positive self-image.  But, there has to be a middle ground between getting the look you want, not running the family fortune to the ground and being kind to the planet in the process. 

'Gimmie, Gimmie ' Never Gets!  Become savvy to marketer's intentions by becoming an Ad Buster.  Commercials are designed to convince you into buying stuff that you may not need.  Ask yourself these questions:  

1.  What are they selling me?
2.  What purpose will it serve in my daily life (do I really need it?)

When you begin packing away your summer wear and take out last year's fall wear consider this:  
Check and see what clothes you have grown out of and set a reasonable expectation about how many new items of clothes you would like to buy.  But, before you head out to the shopping mall consider organizing a school or community autumn clothing swap to help the environment by reducing waste, reusing clothing, and becoming a conscious recycler.  
Make three piles:
1.  If it is worn out, convert it into household cleaning rags.
2.  You can place it in a craft basket to cut it up and make a winter quilt to donate to a needy family.
3.  You can place it in the clothing swap pile to exchange with your family, friends, and community.

Greener shoes
The options for greener footwear have improved over the years.  The consumer outcry over shoes being made in overseas sweatshops under inhumane woking conditions has yielded tremendous benefits.  Many of the major shoemakers have switched to safer materials that don't endanger worker health such as getting rid of using polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or have instituted commitments to reasonable hours and wages as well as worker benefits.  Several shoemakers also have product lines that feature recycled materials.  Do your research before heading out to the stores.

Super Natural Child: Superheroes ACTIVATE!  Are you interested in greener clothing?  Start your quest with a WHY.

Start Your Quest:
Why:  To become a conscious consumer.  To reduce consumption, reuse, and recycle clothing.
What:  Create an autumn clothing swap shop, reduce the amount of clothes that go to waste, make greener choices, convert worn clothing into rags or repurpose them into quilts.
Where:  In your own community.
Who: You, your friends, family, and community.
How:  What the video below to find out how.  It's a S.N.CH!  Or is it...

Take Action:

Organized An Autumn Clothing Swap Shop 

After You Acquire Your New Fall Wardrobe, Choose What You Want To Wear To Take a Walk On The Wild Side.  Get Outdoors and Go For an Amazing Fall Hike.  Explore Your Outdoor World With Your New Threads!

Autumn In the Park  

Don't Stop Here:
Continue researching ways that you can make a difference by becoming a conscious consumer.  Drop us an email if you have a hunch about something and we'll do our best to give it a whirl and get back to you as soon as we can.

Quest Check:
Keep checking back with us to see if your interests match our quests.

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