Friday, 19 October 2012


The Spark:
The tradition of carving a lantern on All Hallows' Eve started in Scotland and Ireland.  Turnips were carved and placed on the door step to ward off evil spirits.  A 'treat' or offering was also commonly left there to appease roaming spirits, otherwise they may meddle or fool around (play a 'trick) with land or farm animals.  In North America, the carved pumpkin was first associated with the harvest season in general, even before it became the official emblem for Halloween.  Carving pumpkins instead of turnips or beets became the tradition as pumpkins became more readily available.  Pumpkins were also bigger and easier to carve.  Will you be carving a Halloween pumpkin this year?

Plant pumpkin Seeds- Grow your own pumpkin

Super Natural Child: Superheroes ACTIVATE!  Are you interested in pumpkins?  Then start your quest to find out more.  Your quest starts with a WHY.

Start Your Quest:
Why:  To develop a greater understanding of how we use pumpkins as Halloween mascots and how to use them to their best capacity.
What:  Learn how pumpkins became the official mascot for Halloween.  How do pumpkins grow.  How to roast nutritious pumpkin seeds as a snack.  How to recycle pumpkins after Halloween.
Where:  In your community
Who:  You, your family and friends
When:  Before, during and after Halloween
How:  Watch the video below and find out how roast pumpkin seeds (get your parents to help) as well as how to recycle the pumpkin after Halloween is over.    

Take Action:

Roast Pumpkin Seeds for a Healthy Snack

Repurpose your pumpkin before recycling it

Keep Going:
Don't stop here!  Keep on researching and exploring pumpkins.  Drop us an email if you have a hunch about something.  We'll give it a whirl and get back to you.

Quest Check:
Keep checking back with us on a regular basis to see if your interests match our quests.

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