Thursday, 4 October 2012

Along Came a Spider

Yikes!  If you live in the city you'll know that fall is the best time to see spiders, because that's when many species go indoors for warmth and to mate.  If you don't believe me, just check out your basement or cellar in your home during the month of October.  These creepy-crawlers belong to a group called arachnids.  They have eight legs, two distinct body parts and are not insects.

Spiders are fierce predators and cold-blooded killers!  In fact, they're skilled hunters who chase after their prey, jump out from a hiding place or set a trap to catch their meal.  The easiest spiders for humans to see are web builders.  They use webs to catch food.  Cities are full of spiders and what spiders need most of all are insects to eat.  While flies are one of the spider's most delectable foods, they are not picky eaters.  In fact, they eat almost anything that flies, leaps, crawls or scuttles, providing it's small enough to tackle and kill and does not contain venom.  It's fascinating to see how spiders expertly spin their webs and equally how they devour their prey!  They sense their prey through the vibrations in their web.  They scuttle over and wrap their prey in silk, use their fangs to inject them with venom, the digestive enzymes liquify the meal and then the spider slurps it up.  Spiders are carnivores without ever technically eating flesh.

Super Natural Child:Superheroes ACTIVATE!  Are you interested in spiders?  Become a Spidey Superhero and save a spider's life:  Begin your quest by asking why?

Why:  One of the most common fears among humans is called Arachnophobia, the fear of spiders.  But have you ever asked yourself what spiders are afraid of?  We humans are one of the spider's enemies.  Besides stomping on them, the pesticides we use to control other insects can kill spiders.  Spiders are considered natural pest controllers.  That is why we should never kill one.
Where:  In your own backyard
Who: You, your family and friends
When: Upon your first spider sighting
How:  Watch the video below and find out how

Spider Rescue

This fear of spiders has long been portrayed in the lore of Halloween.  After you've saved a spider, pull up a tuffet in your backyard and share this spooky story with your family.  Enjoy!

The Spider and the Fly

* Disclaimer:  All quests must be parent approved before starting.

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